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Kuro said coldly. He walked to the cat with heavy steps. The cat was close to death. Kuro's sixth sense was superior than normal psykers and he could tell instantly. He could feel the tears welling in his tears about to burst out. Kuro was more tender hearted than the children his age. He had much sensitivity that didn't fit with the military lifestyle.


When Han was a young orphan, he had to fight against adults very frequently. A child cannot go against an adult with normal means. The most he could do back then was offset their balance or throw rocks to buy time. A child's strength would not be able to do much to adults with a normal attack, so he used his whole body to maximize the power of his attacks. All through first and second year, other than against Dimitri, he had always won in sparring matches.


A huge smile spread upon Octo's greasy face. He let Han freely pilot the psychoframe for the remaining period of time. Han freely piloted his psychoframe. He wasn't yet accustomed to it, and clumsily tumbled around many times.


Squad 7 had an over powered cheat. They had recruited a psychic genius. Rumors of Kuro spread across the year 2 students like wildfire. Kuro would be the main focus in the next batch of squad battles. On the flip side, Han passed the time focusing on his own training.


Airbeats were one of the luxury gears. They were considered one of the military's manless robots. They were not considered to be used as self destructing weapons during training drills. Watching the airbeats explode one after another, the drill instructors could feel their hearts dropping to the floor.


The shotgun blasted in succession causing the air vent to sink lower. Canute faltered forward at a place where the enemies immediately noticed.

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The squad focused toward where Han pointed. After some time, Han was able to get a hold of himself and looked to the corpse with a matter of factly expression. He pointed to a passage which directly connects the second lower level and ground floor.


There was someone who was smoking, and there was another soldier who sat down eating a snack. The soldier took out jerky to eat. Cats began gathering around the soldier.


Han commanded each of his squad members. The most important task was to bring the necessary gear and weapons. Kuro who had been frozen in place opened his mouth to speak.


Han didn't wish to lose another person in his life. The drill instructor's death swirled in his mind. All of Squad 10 had died upon the plane explosion. A human's life could instantly disappear in vain. Han had known of this reality already.


"The other squad had been put in a state incapable of fighting back, but he continued to fire his gun while hiding behind the tree trunk while only having the point of his gun sticking out."


A bullet flew into a first year student's head; the youth's body fell and spasmed. The youth died, disbelieving until the last moment, with his eyes open. Blood flowed through the cracks of the ground.


Kuro's magnetic sensitivity to his psychic powers had been very high. Kuro had been the only child to master manifesting psychic and psychokinesis within the three weeks.



They were able to thoroughly prepare for the battle and just barely killed five werewolves. If more werewolves arrive at this place, even Han didn't have another plan devised.



"Yaaa, so you're that new transfer. The super rookie that has been the hot topic amongst everyone here. I'm Siegfried Schumacher, chief engineer. Everyone calls me Octo."


'Canute considers a variety of aspects, making his decisions very dependable; he is suitable for solo runs and he understands when to work together and when to split up the team.'


"Sorry, I reject. Han, it's not that I dislike you. I rather like you. However, it's been decided that I would be the next squad leader of squad 5 in the next term. When our current squad leader transfers into third year, I agreed to take on his responsibilities. I can't betray him after all this time just to transfer into a different squad."

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