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Han received his first official mission. He washed his face with cold water in the bathroom. All the drowsiness disappeared at once.


The psychic youths were educated and trained on basic modern warfare. They were the soldiers dedicated to stop the extinction of the human race, a class of super soldiers.


"Psycho frames are the bionic suits that only psykers are able to wear, right? They act as the user's second exoskeleton? This is my first time seeing one."


"When the next wave of aggression begins, we don't have any soldiers who can take your place. Nobody will be able to pilot your psychoframes either. Psychoframes and second generation psychic soldiers we can't do without a single one."


Han didn't continue to pester him and stood up. He chose some food from the buffet table. There was rice and various other side dishes. After eating flour-based foods for so long, eating rice felt like a breath of fresh air. He got himself a pair of chopsticks from the corner and prepared himself an east asian breakfast.


Ironically, the air became less stifled. The children were able to come together after finding a common enemy in the sergeant. Everyone became livid as they talked behind the sergeant's back with one another.

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A dimensional crack opened in Tirania, the capital of the state of Albania, located within the Balkan States. It had been the second dimensional crack to open on Earth, and where the second wave of the dragon army appeared. At that time, humanity had yet to stop the first wave of aggression and so the second wave of aggression was to be handled later by the Allied forces. The invasion which started in Albania spread all over the Balkan States and caused total destruction to the land and even Greece was swept up to be no more. The southeastern European States still suffer post war and have yet to fully recover. Following this catastrophe, the Balkan Alliance was formed, which is a military stronghold located in the EU with autonomy.


The spear penetrated its foot as it stomped down. The werewolf howled nastily from pain as it flailed its arms wildly. Han ran in circles as he dodged the flailing attacks at an almost superhuman speed.


Jose cheered after making a goal. He jumped around and did a tumbling roll.


This was something that Laocha said to Han. Schwartz was a veteran first generation psyker. Han was a new transfer third year.


He had no unique skills, and was a mere C+ Rank. If he was lucky, they would have given him a B- Rank. There had never been a youth of Ark that was transferred up into third year with such low psychic ranking. Han was the first.


Grace reaffirmed the complication data that had been recorded from past subjects.


Class D's dorm fell into a chilling silence. If there were no other volunteers, Sergeant Red would spend the night punishing everyone.



However, the sound that reverberates is so shockingly loud that it causes the brain to think it hurts more than the actual truth.



The only remnants of the place was of the chaos the researchers caused while escaping the building. The remnants of murder could only be found starting from the second level.


Han believed he still had a lot to learn from Laocha. Han already realized how important 'actual' battle experience was during his past fights.


"The dimensional crack is what remained after the gate disappeared. This is proof that the two worlds are connected. It was theorized that psykers began making appearances because of the influence from psychic energies of the crack. When we approach the dimensional gate, some of you will feel very comfortable like you've returned home, while some of you will feel extreme terror. The goal of today's drill will be for you to remember the feeling that you experience."

  • Han sounded calm, but inside he was burning with anxiety. He couldn't help but worry about all the squad members.
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