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The pain would be controlled through pain killers as necessary, however the level of pain experienced by individuals varied greatly.


Han didn't say anything and glared toward Inspector Rue. He generally understood the situation already. A skirmish broke out at the back, and Inspector Rue had helped fight against them.


"That's possible. However, if war breaks out immediately, will you ask our enemies to wait until Kuro is able to master his skills? I have the confidence to pull out all of Kuro's talent immediately. The enemy won't wait until we're strong enough. Following commands is a soldier's duty. It's a commander's duty to obtain victory with a troop of imperfect soldiers. Blaming others for a lost battle doesn't solve anything."


"Yes, that's right. But the most important thing you should learn is how not to die out there. Whatever that may happen, you guys must not die- ever. Even if it means that your peers will all die, you must not attack in the heat of revenge. You must retreat and then promise to return."


It was very difficult for any sweeper to defend against the enemy due to the severe stamina penalty. Time to time, there are no attacks at all and it's common that the sweepers stand around doing nothing. Everyone tries their best to avoid the sweeper position because it wasn't fun at all.


Kuro gave a light salute and returned to his room. Han also returned to his room. Han laid down on his bed from fatigue. Drowsiness overwhelmed him. He organized all the elements of today's match carefully.

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Kuro's breathing was erratic. He didn't feel physically tired, but fighting against another human stressed him out to the degree that his chest began to hurt.


The procedure and training process was complicated, and Ark always faced issues with manpower shortage. They always needed more psykers. Among the new young teen recruits, the actual youths that could immediately fight in actual battle without excessive mental strain was minimal. They needed to sort out the talented from the new recruits, though small in number, and cultivate their fighting spirits.


Canute sat up. He used Han's shoulders to join the gathering in Jose's room. The party had already started in Jose's room. Jose and Kuro toasted their drinks.


Squad Victor continued to search the next level down using the same method as the first. Corpses were displayed in all sorts of dynamic ways throughout the floor.


Kato spoke with a stony voice. The members of squad 7 glared toward Kuro and Han. Wuxiaworld for visiting.


Han quietly called out to Jose. The fire type psykers put their strength together to form their last fireball. As the fireball sparked, all the Elu hunters' positions became bright as day.


'He made this all by himself?' Canute's eyes widened. Han always kept himself busy. He didn't let himself rest in his own room and forced himself to work on other tasks. He slept later than everyone, and woke up earlier than everyone.



"There was one famous student, while training, a part of their brain shut down completely. They lost the ability to speak after the accident, and so everyone calls him Silence. Ironically, following their brain damage, their battle capabilities increased exponentially. He's a special case study."



Grace returned to the dormitories, slept for four hours, and then awoke once more. She got herself a cup of coffee and entered the monitoring room. The children who awaken from their sleep would twitch their eyebrows.


A wild rumor had spread all over campus that Karl's gang had been done in by Han and Kuro. Karlheinz's reputation within class B had fallen to rock bottom.


Their fighting spirit rose high. Squad 13 had been inferior in all aspects, but had a overwhelming victory. Nobody thought they would be able to win through sheer battle tactics.

  • Han ended the emergency treatment as protocol. Once the crisis settled, Squad Whiskey fell into deep silence.
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